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Godstone Parish Council

Public Information

Childrens Playground on Godstone Green

Godstone Wagon Pond

We are aware of the concerns about the wildlife that use the Wagon Pond, as many of you will have seen the water has all but disappeared during this hot spell.  The Wagon pond was historically for horses to stop at when passing through Godstone and not a naturally created pond, so unfortunately it is not fed by a natural water source. The pond is fed from the water that runs off the road through drains which means at certain times of the year it does not get enough water to sustain it.
The council have investigated filling the pond up with water but have been advised that it is not recommended for several reasons including the impact on the birds. It has also been estimated that the cost of a water load would also be around a £1000 each time, this is obviously a considerable amount of money, and it could require several top ups due to continuing hot weather and natural disbursement of water due to the base of the pond.
The council will not be dredging the pond due to what the base of the wagon pond is and as it could potentially cause issues such as damage to the wagon pond wall.
We request that people stay out of the pond area whilst there is no water in it.

Vacancy - Admin Assistant

The Bounty

Parish Articles and Letters

pdfGodstone Parish Funding and Work

pdfCar Park Termination of Project Statement

Pondtail Surgery

There is also a webpage Patient Engagement for Future GP Services at Pond Tail Surgery (Godstone) which will be updated with the latest information.

Tandridge District Council Local Plan Examination

For the latest update from the Inspector, information can be found on the Tandridge District Councils website, on the Examination page using this link Local Plan 2033


Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review

A formal boundary review is currently underway led by Natural England, https://www.surrey-hills-aonb-boundary-review.org/

Surrey County Council (SCC) - Minerals and Waste Planning Authority (MWPA)

SCC as the MWPA, held its public consultation for a period of 16-weeks, from 15 November 2021 to 7 March 2022 for the Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) planning framework which is for a period of 15 years.  
Henry Smith Charity

pdfHenry Smith Charity Information 2021


Please contact the Clerk if you would like to apply to the Parish Council for a Grant.


Information on the Unitary Authority Proposal

pdfSurrey County Council Letter on Unitary Authority to Secretary of State (June 2020)

pdfTandridge District Council Letter on Unitary Authority to Secretary of State (June 2020) and attachment

pdfDistrict and Borough Leaders Letter on Unitary Authority to Secretary of State (June 2020)

Statutory Documents

Information Updates
Godstone Parish Councils Representations on the Tandridge Local Plan 2033 Regulation 19
 Please contact the Clerk for further information.