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Godstone Parish Council

St Nicholas Cemetery

st nicholas cemetery

Arrangements for Funerals during Covid19 and Guidance on Funeral arrangements

During the Covid19 situation although the Parish office will not be open the Clerk will continue to be contactable by email to support anyone making arrangements for a funeral. Please contact the Clerk by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Godstone Parish Burial Ground

Godstone Parish Council manages part of the cemetery located at St Nicholas' Church, Church Lane, Godstone. This part of the cemetery opened in 1964 and adjoins the original Churchyard which is now closed for burials.

The Burial Grounds are open at all times and are sensitively managed as place of peace and quiet reflection in a pleasant rural setting.

Grave spaces may be reserved by those living in the Parish (Parishioners) or who have lived in the Parish for a period of at least seven years (7-year Parishioners), and are normally sold on the basis of two full burials in each plot. There is a restriction on the number of non-Parishioner burials permitted in any one year, reviewed annually by the Parish Council.

Cremated remains may be added to graves where a full burial has already taken place, subject to permission from the Parish Council. Currently the Church still operates an area for cremated remains within St Nicholas' Churchyard, however a Memorial Garden for this purpose has already been established in the Burial Grounds in readiness for the time when the Church area is full.

Any enquiries regarding burials or reservation of grave spaces should be addressed to the Parish Clerk.
For 2020-2021 burial fees please download the fee information  pdfhere
For Burial Grounds Regulations please download the information  pdfhere
For an Application to Purchase a Grave Space please download the form  pdfhere
For Notice of Interment please download form  pdfhere
For a Memorial Application please download form  pdfhere