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Godstone Parish Council

Planning Committee Meetings

Dealing with Planning Applications during the Covid19 Situation

Due to the Covid19 Situation the Parish council believe that Planning committee meetings should not take place as a public meeting. Applications will still be considered by the Parish council and will be dealt with by email.

The Clerk will publish all applications being considered at a specified time and as the Parish council still wish to ensure that Parishioners have the opportunity to speak with councillors about any application it is requested that you email the Clerk if you wish to raise concerns or provide information on an application within the deadline stated.

If circumstances created by Covid19 make considering applications impossible the Parish council will request Tandirdge District Council review their deadlines for applications.

Applications being considered 




Deadline for comments to Godstone Parish Council

TDC comment deadline


Appledore, 4 Brookside, Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone RH9 8JY

Demolition of existing conservatory. Erection of new conservatory to side elevation. Erection of porch to front elevation.




3 The Priory, Godstone RH9 8NL

Erection of part single/two storey side extension.




45 Featherstone, Blindley Heath RH7 6JY

onversion of loft to habitable accommodation. (Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Use or Development)




Willow Lodge, Flower Lane, Godstone RH9 8DE

Use of existing outbuilding as a dance studio with associated access and parking.




Woodlands, Byers Lane, South Godstone RH9 8JH

Demolition of existing conservatories. Erection of single storey side extension, infill between garage and dwelling and conversion of garage to form habitable accommodation. Erection of rear dormer window and installation of front and side rooflights in association with partial conversion of loftspace to habitable accommodation.




Broadcast Engineering Centre, Eastbourne Road, Blindley Heath RH7 6JP
Installation of external storage racks contained within the rear yard of the site (Retrospective). 6-Apr 12-Apr
2020/538 Oaktree Farm, Danemore Lane, South Godstone RH9 8JF Variation of condition 2 (Plans) of planning permission ref: 2019/1526 (Demolition of existing agricultural barn and erection of detached dwelling) to amend the plans. 6-Apr Not specified


Appeal Notifications circulated to Parish Councillors for Noting

Appeal 2019/1565 61 Langham Park, South Godstone
Appeal ENF/2019/147 61 Langham Park, South Godstone

Planning Committee Agendas - 2020

Planning Committee Agendas - 2019

Planning Committee Agendas - 2018

Planning Committee Minutes - 2019

Planning Committee Minutes - 2018