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Godstone Parish Council


allotmentsIn Godstone Parish there is one allotmemt site in Godstone Village. The allotments are at the rear of Salisbury Road and owned by the Parish Council.

The rent for plots is £7.71 per 25sqm with a minimum charge of £15.

Rents are set annually by the Parish Council and annual tenancy agreements are offered on the understanding that tenants comply with guidelines as laid out in the Terms & Conditions.

These documents can be downloaded with the application form or a copy can be requested from the Clerk.

If you would like to rent a plot at Salisbury Road please complete this downloadable pdfApplication Form and return it to the Clerk.

Under the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 a Parish Council, subject to its circumstances, is obliged to provide allotments if there is either a perceived need to supply such plots in the area, or if six or more electors within the Parish make a written request.